Waiting for Delaney

Rep. John Delaney (D), a.k.a. “Hamlet on the Potomac,” says he will announce later this month whether he plans to run for governor in 2018. Or whether he’ll seek a fourth term in Congress. Or maybe whether he’ll run for president. Or whether he won’t run for anything at all.

Of course, he initially said he was going to announce last month whether he’ll run for governor.

Why the holdup? And could there possibly be an advantage to waiting?

Delaney is rich as Croesus. So conventional timetables and fundraising schedules don’t necessarily apply to him. But that doesn’t make the uncertainty any less agonizing.

Whatever he ultimately decides to do, Delaney is driving scores of politicians crazy; their plans for 2018 – and maybe even beyond – could rest on what he decides to do.

So Maryland Matters has attempted to chart all the dominoes that could fall – or could remain standing – based on what Delaney decides to do.

Delaney Chart Part 1.jpg

It’s too early to talk specifics, but the Montgomery County Council At-Large and Board of Education races could also be impacted by the falling dominoes caused by Delaney’s decision.


Text by Josh Kurtz

Chart by Ana Faguy

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