Quick Look at Fundraising in County Executive Races

Here is a snapshot of the cash on hand in key races for county executive as of last week. Incumbents have an asterisk after their names. Some candidates’ reports had not been posted as of 6:45 a.m. Thursday.

Anne Arundel County

Stueart Pittman (D): $94,193

Steve Schuh (R)*: $1,062,020

Baltimore County

Vicki Almond (D): $616,337

James Brochin (D): $764,497

John Olszewski Jr. (D): $504,764

Patrick McDonough (R): N/A

Alfred W. Redmer Jr. (R): $122,831

Frederick County

See https://marylandmatters.org/2018/01/17/afzali-outpaces-rivals-in-frederick-gop-primary-fundraising/

Harford County

Maryann Connaghan Forgan (D): No fundraising activity

Barry Glassman (R)*: $377,723

Howard County

Calvin Ball (D): $246,083

Allan Kittleman (R)*: $825,552

Montgomery County (totals do not include forthcoming infusion of public funds for some candidates)

Roger Berliner (D): $483,137

David Blair (D): $351, 182

Marc Elrich (D): $314,023

C. William Frick (D): $155,273

Rose Krasnow (D): N/A

George Leventhal (D): $179,925

Robin Ficker (R): $21,314

Prince George’s County

Angela Alsobrooks (D): $983,064

Donna Edwards (D): $81,667

Paul Monteiro (D): $15,996

C. Anthony Muse (D): $86,146

One comment

  • would be good if you listed those for MoCo CE who are using public financing and provide explanation of how that works, e.g., 4 to 1 match.

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