Today’s Trivia Question

Every weekday for the next two weeks, Maryland Matters will bring you a trivia question dealing with Maryland history or politics.


Get excited: We’ll be hosting a Maryland history and politics trivia contest on Tuesday evening, March 27, upstairs at Stan & Joe’s Saloon, 37 West St., Annapolis. It’ll cost just $10 to participate.

Save the date…and click here to RSVP.

Please make your contribution ‘In Honor of Trivia Night’ to reserve your space.

We’ll provide more details in the days ahead. But you might want to start boning up on your Maryland and political history. And plan to invite your friends!

We’ll be asking a trivia question each day to get you in practice. Here’s the first, which we posted Monday:

Two ships – the Ark and the Dove – left what location in England on Nov. 22, 1633, to bring English colonists to Maryland?

The answer: Isle of Wight — Cowes on the Isle of Wight to be more specific

And now, the next question:

This four-term Maryland governor won his first election by 165 votes and the rest were won by landslides. He was credited with bringing Maryland into the progressive era and modernizing state government. You might think of him when you drive through Glen Burnie.

Check this space Wednesday for the answer — and the next question!



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